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Memories of Chinatown


MEMORIES OF CHINATOWNby Geraldene Lowe-Ismailillustrated by Graham Byfieldpublished by Talisman * Memories of Chinatown is a Singapore classic and is now republished with a new visual interpretation by watercolour artist...
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The Little Prince


THE LITTLE PRINCEby Antoine de Saint-Exupérytranslated by Gregory Normintonpublished by Alma Classics, 2015 * Presented here in a new translation, The Little Prince has since become a classic philosophical fable for young...
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Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage


COLORLESS TSUKURU TAZAKI AND HIS YEARS OF PILGRIMAGEby Haruki Murakamitranslated by Philip GabrielFirst edition published by Harvill Secker, 2014FIRST EDITION. LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 6/10 * A mesmerising...
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The Design Society Journal No. 2 : Design Futures


THE DESIGN SOCIETY JOURNAL NO. 2: DESIGN FUTURES (BACK ISSUE)back issue, published in 2011LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 9/10 * Wanderlust & The Roof branding/identity projects published on The Design...
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Monocle Issue 03


MONOCLE ISSUE 03 . VOL 01 (BACK ISSUE)back issue, published May 2007LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 9/10 * Pedal Politics: A global survey of bicycle culture and commerce. Monocle reports...
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Dumbo Feather Issue #29


DUMBO FEATHER ISSUE #29 (BACK ISSUE)back issue, published fourth quarter 2011LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 10/10 * Alex Gibney makes documentaries Paul Jennings is unreal Carol Rittner is a...
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Pillow Problems


PILLOW PROBLEMS: THOUGHT OUT DURING WAKEFUL HOURSby Charles L. Dodgsonfourth edition published by Macmillan and Co., 1895LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 6/10 *  - paperback: 147 pages- product dimensions: 145...
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One Human Minute


ONE HUMAN MINUTEby Stanislaw Lemtranslated by Catherine S. Leachpublished by André Deutsch Limited, 1986LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 7/10 * In these three previews of the 21st century—actually reviews of...
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Fairy Frisket


FAIRY FRISKETby A.L.O.Epublished by Hurst & Co.LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 7/10 * If my young reader have already visited Fairydell Hall, and passed a few merry hours with...
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Lesbian Plays: Two


LESBIAN PLAYS: TWOpublished by Methuen Drama, 1989LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 7/10 * Following on the terrific success of volume one, Jill Davis again selects and introduces five plays. Debby Klein,...
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Black Plays: Two


BLACK PLAYS: TWOpublished by Methuen Drama, 1989LIMITED TO ONE COPY ONLY, CONDITION 7/10 * With Black Plays, Yvonne Brewster clearly demonstrated the need for a regular anthology to record the vitality...
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Back to the Books Bookends


BACK TO THE BOOKS BOOKENDSby Scene Shang*LIMITED RELEASE How apt is it that BACK TO THE BOOKS also means “memorising books”, bei shu (背书), the traditional way Chinese children are taught to study?...

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