一首诗的时间 2015 / In the Space of a Poem 2015


一首诗的时间 2015 / IN THE SPACE OF A POEM 2015
edited by Andy Ang
published by ethos books



2015年6月份,新文潮文学社在脸书上举办了“一首诗的时间”网络写诗活动。 “一首诗2015”的编委连续30天,每天准时于凌晨贴上一个主题(与加分题),让诗人按照主题创作一首诗。这本诗集结集收录了诗人对主题的回应,显示了新加坡新一代以华文创作的诗人的作品,其不仅自由而恣意,也展现出众声喧哗的特色。

Co-published by TrendLit and Ethos Books, In the Space of a Poem 2015 is an anthology of Chinese poems that were submitted over a month-long open call on Facebook, from 1 to 30 June 2015. A theme would be introduced every morning and poets would write a piece in response to it. This book is a collection of their responses and they give an indication of the diverse voices in the next generation of Singapore Chinese poets.


- paperback: 264 pages
- product dimensions: 120 x 200 mm

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