Blue Butterflies


Hand-marbled prints on paper
by Slik Studios


"Blue Butterflies" is a lovely abstract artwork with the rich colour of ultramarine molded in a soft butterfly silhouette between luminous yellow pods. The floating butterflies are reminiscent of a garden setting under the warm afternoon sunshine. This exquisite artwork is a nice addition at the entrance of your new home, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.


Slik Studios is an artisanal art studio in Singapore, fronted by local artist Karen, that specialises in making hand-marbled prints on paper. Every marbled print made by Karen is unique and meticulously crafted. She is fascinated by the age old art-making techniques that are timeless yet vanishing as contemporary art becomes more dominant in the art world.

Care instructions: Do not hang artwork in areas of high humidity or under direct sunlight.

- Acrylic on 95gsm Paper. Mounted on 1.5" ivory mattboard.
- Comes with a white wall mounted frame
- product dimensions: 42 x 32 cm, 800g

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