Yellow Tornado


Hand-marbled prints on paper
by Slik Studios


"Yellow Tornado" is a striking yellow hue spiral wave print created from a delicate bed of non-pareil pattern. It resembles that of an dynamic waterspout, channeling strength though its natural forces, stirring one's imagination with its vivid design. This artwork is stunning on its own and can be hung on a column or as an accent piece on dark-coloured wall.


Slik Studios is an artisanal art studio in Singapore, fronted by local artist Karen, that specialises in making hand-marbled prints on paper. Every marbled print made by Karen is unique and meticulously crafted. She is fascinated by the age old art-making techniques that are timeless yet vanishing as contemporary art becomes more dominant in the art world.

Care instructions: Do not hang artwork in areas of high humidity or under direct sunlight.

- Acrylic on 95gsm Paper. Mounted on 1.5" ivory mattboard.
- Comes with a gold wall mounted frame
- product dimensions: 44 x 33 cm, 800g

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