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A Designer's Reading List — Germaine Chong

A Designer's Reading List — Germaine Chong

Hi Germaine! Tell us more about yourself.

I'm Germaine, the Studio Director of multidisciplinary design studio, Anonymous, and the Producer of A Design Film Festival, Bracket and We’ve been very fortunate to meet and work with some of the greatest minds in the industry and I find myself being most excited when we get the opportunity to meet again despite our busy schedules. In five years time, I hope I’ll still be attempting new things, learning new skills and still be easily excited.

My greatest pet peeve would be strangers who have no concept of personal space. I don’t like being touched by people I don’t know. Oh! And people who spit in public... *shivers* 

I can fall asleep anywhere, especially on moving vehicles. It’s a talent.

What are you currently reading?

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Adam Scott, the creator of Dilbert

Can you recommend your best five titles to us?

In no order of preference,

House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski
Any novel by Yukio Mishima
A Street Cat Named Bob – James Bowen
Ministry of Moral Panic – Amanda Lee Koe
Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

And why? 

House of Leaves was a gift from my partner Felix many, many... years ago. It was so intriguing I couldn’t put it down. The way the author had laid his type to tell the story visually through text was something I had never seen and it certainly raised the hairs on the back of my neck and made me check all my doors before I went to sleep. Five stars!

As for Yukio Mishima, it's difficult to pick a specific title from because all of them had been equally enjoyable for me. His works delve into the human subconscious of violence, sexuality and acceptance in a conservative society. It is almost heartbreaking when you understand the basis of his works, but truly beautiful.

A Street Cat Named Bob is a feel-good story, non-fiction, and it has a fluffy fat ginger cat on the cover! Did I mention it was wearing a scarf? Ministry of Moral Panic was recently recommended by Renée from BooksActually when I was at a lost of what to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it within a day. All I gave her were a few keywords and my reading mood at the time, I think she may be psychic. Note to self: Ask Renée if she’s psychic.

Modern Romance is just hilarious. Read it.

What's one quote you live by?

“You don’t have to be happy to smile, but when you smile, you give yourself a chance to be happy.” 

— Somebody said it

All books and some more at 


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