Introducing the BooksActually Shophouse Fund: Kenny Leck

Posted on May 15 2018



Dear readers, we present to you a bookseller's plea: help us build a home for our bookstore. Over the past thirteen years, we have struggled with sky-high rentals, and a challenging book business environment. But on the flip side, we have also grown BooksActually, and run it decently well. To continue to do what we are doing, we have decided to buy a place of our own so that our books and cats can roam free. We started up the BooksActually Shophouse Fund by buying a brick, you bring us that much closer to finding ourselves a permanent home. And when we've raised all that money (and trust us, it is a lot of money) we won't forget you. After the money is raised, the bricks that you have bought will be signed by you, recalled to the store, and mounted in our permanent space for all eternity as a testament to your dedication to Singapore literature.

In conclusion, you should buy a brick and help us build a home where books can find happy owners and cats can find better sleeping spots. If you still need more convincing, press play.

And here's the link to purchase our fundraising brick too:  

BooksActually Fundraising Brick


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