MBTI Series: Book Recommendations for the INFP Type

Welcome to BooksActually's new series of promotions, centring about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. Each week, we will upload reviews for 2 recommended reading titles targeting a specific personality type. 

For our first week, we will be highlighting the INFP type (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeing, Perceiving). Those of the INFP type are guided by their principles, more preoccupied with what should be rather than what it is. Deeply driven to understand society and their own place in it, they reflect deeply on their decisions and can seem introspective at times. They might also come off as idealistic in their personal quest to do good. Sensitive and moralistic, compassion and empathy come naturally to them. 

This week's two recommended titles both might appeal to an INFP’s preoccupation with social harmony. Both personal works that draw upon their author’s experiences, they nonetheless manage to raise new viewpoints on the nature of human society.


Book I: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Between the World and Me is, at heart, a father’s stirring speech to the son he must send into a world rife with violence, injustice and racial discord. 

There are no fetters on Coates’s tongue. Within the privacy of a family dinner-table, diplomacy and political correct-ness are thrown from the window. Instead, the text emerges as an uncannily raw mix of personal narrative, reimagined history, and bloodstained reportage. 

Coates takes us through a series of revelatory experiences in his life. Brutal rhetoric transports the reader to violent scenes in places far-ranging as Howard University, New Yorkian alleys, and the battlefields of the American civil war. Through a dizzying narrative, one finds true emotional grounding for the bleakness within America that is Coates’s conviction.

And this conviction is a strong one – that racism has been writ into the American dream, was dispelled neither by laws nor time, and is not destined to end. As the text draws to a close, Coates offers no final answer, no overarching vision of America’s future. What is left, behind the violence and the polemic, is a father who fears desperately for his son, whose country has given him no alternative but despair.

Some quotes from the book:

“Plunder has matured into habit and addiction; the people who could order the mechanized death of our ghettos, the mass rape of private prisons, then engineer their own forgetting, must inevitably plunder much more. This is not a belief in prophecy but in the seductiveness of cheap gasoline.”

 “I loved Malcolm because Malcolm never lied, unlike the schools and their façade of morality, unlike the streets and their bravado, unlike the world of dreamers.”

“Prince Jones, murdered by the men who should have been his security guards, is always with me.”

Buy Between The World And Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates here


Book II: And the Walls Come Crumbling Down by Tania de Rozario

Tania De Rozario’s And The Walls Come Crumbling Down is a truthful, sharp recounting of a difficult period in the author's life. The pain the author has experienced is bitter in your mouth - her wistful longing for happier times sticks painfully in your throat. A painful, beautiful, sensational read. 

Some quotes from the book:

 “Coming home to someone is many things. It is a literal action, an abstract idea, a physical feeling. It is more than the sound of the key turning in the door and the voice that calls from the porch. It is a choice, a promise, a declaration. It is a return, not as a person to a place, but as oneself to another. It is one person saying to another person: You are the one I choose.” 

 “I am a wall. I am a wall. I am a wall. I am a giant and I tower above you. I am a giant and I can't hear your voice. There is familiarity in this. I spent years like this growing up, my mother hovering over my every move, me responding monosyllabically, face blank, voice blank, heart blank. It is a coping mechanism and it is easy, if you are able to block out false promises of love with the understanding of what love has become.”

Buy And The Walls Come Crumbling Down by Tania de Rozario here

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