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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!

A Musician's Reading List — Cherie Ko

Hi Cherie! Tell us more about yourself.

I’m Cherie and I’m frontwoman of TOMGIRL and owner of Deer Island Records. In five years time, I hope to be hitting up stages all over the world and putting out TOMGIRL’s fifth studio album! I’m a huge dreamer and sometimes that borderlines on a bad thing because I get too caught up on living in my own world. TOMGIRL is more than just a musical project – it’s a product of my obsession in living out and creating my own play-pretend dreamscape. I never want to grow up, nooOOO !

This is completely random and top secret (not-so-secret now) – I dream of developing a story and creating my very own merchandise about mythical colourful blob-like creatures called ‘Jujubes’. They are blobs that yearn to become food that we know, like eggplants and tortilla chips but they don’t quite come close to the real deal. Instead, they hide amidst these foods in hopes of becoming one. I sometimes dabble in embroidery, and these characters have already made their way on my canvas.

What are you currently reading?

I just finished The Art Of Travel by Alain De Botton, and completed two issues of The Pitchfork Review.

Can you recommend us your best five titles to us?

Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaardner
Nausea – Jean Paul Sartre
The Book Of Disquiet – Fernando Pessoa
Role Models – John Waters
Swann’s Way – Marcel Proust

And why? 

I love books that have some sort of mind-expanding quality that lends detail to a different perspective in the world around me. When I first read Sophie’s World, it opened up my mind and propelled me to question the nature of reality and existence. It made me see the world with fresh eyes, and marvel at the magic. You know what they say, first times always leave the greatest impression, and this book was that for me.

What's one quote you live by?

The pressure to live by a single quote is heavy! That being said, lately, this particular one has been resonating with me. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald,

If truth is the end of life, happiness is a mode of it, to be cherished in its brief and tremulous moment.


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