Book of the Week — I Want To Go Home

Posted on October 09 2017

An excerpt from — Changes
found in — I Want To Go Home by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

"Change came fast with the tsunami, but slowed down considerably with recovery efforts. Eighteen days after the disaster, the water pipelines were restored. In those long eighteen days, Mr. Takamatsu used the creek near his home when he needed water for washing. For those who had lost their homes to the disaster, prefabricated temporary housing was quickly assembled. When permanent dwellings were finally ready, some families refused to move when they realise that they had been built on grounds destroyed by the tsunami.

Surrounded by the reality of a temporary landscape, I’m sadly reminded that change is never easy. I wonder if Sheikh Mahdi has changed or if he was still a sore loser with the tendency to stab people. I remember reading a research article that detailed how the type of emotional support that a child received for the first three to four years of his life could have an impact on the child’s education, social life and even romantic choices for the next thirty years."

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