Our Black Friday Week Reads

Posted on November 22 2017

It's Black Friday Week — which means people are *already* queueing up for their purchases (with prices slashed, of course). We figure the literary fiend in you might look at our web store and go, which books?!

We gathered three must-reads of the week (in full mafia tones — because what's black friday without a chic, black book cover?). So, sit back, enjoy these gratifying, intense books on politics, affection and satire:

Capital Misfits by Julie Koh reflects society's many problems through the use of dark humour. One of her short stories, Free Rider, is a revenge horror narrative that examines how power gravitates towards ‘alpha males’. 

A Luxury We Must Afford is the companion volume to A Luxury We Cannot Afford (2015). In this poetry anthology, there is no longer any need to debate whether poetry is a necessity — in the island of oxymorons and contradictions, in this brave new world we look forward to.

Tender Delirium is Tania De Rozario's debut poetry collection. Her brutal honesty about separation draws in readers young and old. These poems do not heal wounds — instead, they cut them open and force the reader to deal with pain each time a piece is being read.





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