Poetry We Love — An Epic of Durable Departures

Posted on January 04 2019

Poetry We Love is BooksActually's newest blog series featuring excerpts of poetry from our favourite collections. In this edition, we look at the newly-released Math Paper Press publication written by Jason Wee, 'An Epic of Durable Departures'. This collection stands as a record of a friendship between two artists formed in the shadow of illness and mortality, and moves towards the living in reverse time, opening with obituaries and ending with a renewed beginning.
"... the city to grow again with a riot of rubble-making and
the help of migrating men hoping to bring to realization
some of their own dreams to take back home."
-Li Cassidy-Peet (1952-2014)

"And if it takes too long,
or the wanting of
in its absence, recedes,

or a landing no longer
exists, if it turns out
to be nothing,

and if there’s no taking back
to wish for, will you have,
despite knowing

desire will fail,
and, were I wrong, even then
would you have chanced

the troubling light, transforming,
against the already-
mapped, the shore?

And yet, knowing you,
isn’t this
what migration is, the unlooked-for,

a sudden fact
among swift water,
if to avoid never loving, at all?"

— An excerpt from Vespers Or Making Haste,
from the poetry collection 'An Epic of Durable Departures' by Jason Wee


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