Poetry We Love — Poems For the Sound of the Sky Before Thunder

Posted on January 21 2019

Poetry We Love is BooksActually's newest blog series featuring excerpts of poetry from our favourite collections. In this edition, we look at the Math Paper Press publication written by Topaz Winters, 'Poems for the Sound of the Sky Before Thunder', a collection that tiptoes the infinitely blurred lines between hurting, hoping & healing.

"This is how we define every day:
ringing phone & car ride home & film montage slowing.
& the music stopping. & moon
we point at only to realise you are not here to wonder with us.
Yearning, we call this,
the feeling full of swallowed distance.
Something has been stuck in our throats for a very long time.
Maybe we should have seen it coming, but we were too busy
waiting for you to pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone. Please.
A cherishing of things we previously had not seen.
Look, we want to say. Look at this. But you don’t look.
The night sighs itself over our bodies.
The phones ring themselves to sleep. The music dies down.
All of the words happen here.
We want more & more of everything, even though
it will not bring us back to the nothing you found.
There are so many ways freedom translates to loneliness.
Look around. This is the world without you in it.
The film still playing but no music in the background.
Somewhere, the ringing stops. Hey, you say.


— an excerpt from 'After You'


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