Review: Half Ghost

Posted on December 07 2017


This is a story about a boy. No, Nail is not just a boy, but not quite a ghost either — Nail is a half ghost. In his new young adult novel, Half Ghost, Zed Yeo intertwines youthful misadventure and mischief through the lens of local Literature, illuminating all the impossible possibilities, myths, and other-worldly tales our city holds that we would otherwise have never considered.

Through the unfolding of a series of largely supernatural events, friendly-neighbourhood half-ghost Nail moves into a haunted neighbourhood where absolutely anything within this realm or another can happen. After a sleeping power coursing within his body awakens and turns him into a mighty jiangshi, something evil covets his blood and Nail is pulled down into the underworld. Embark on this thrilling adventure with Nail through the streets of Singapore as he seeks his way home with help from some very odd and mysterious friends.

In Half Ghost, children will share the spooky yet friendly realm of the supernatural with Nail as they follow this curious ghost-boy on his (mis)adventures, learning untold and unspoken secrets about our little red dot with Nail along the way.

Zed Yeo’s Half Ghost provides a perfect platform for children to realise the potential of imagination and fantasy especially within our local Singaporean scene. This book grounds us once again in the boundless possibility of adventure our bustling city holds, shedding light on the little quirks and idiosyncrasies we hold dear as Singaporeans, and subsequently thrusting them into the arms of youths who will then carry these stories and fresh perspectives even as our city continually changes.



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