Review: Hello! Have You Eaten?

Posted on December 31 2017

Food brings people together. Almost every festive occasion is characterised by food that binds and bonds. We are familiar with turkey ham at Christmas, chocolates at St. Valentine’s, ketupat at Hari Raya, murukku at Deepavali, yu-sheng at Chinese New Year and so on...

But what about the moments in-between? What foods bring us together when the hustle of festivities die down?

Hello! Have You Eaten? is Amanda Choy’s visual collective of food memories in Singapore, blossomed out of a desire to share Singapore's distinctive food culture. Through minimalistic photography, Amanda share her love of food and her food of love, inviting us to embark on a gastronomic journey that revives the moments we spend with our loved ones — the togetherness, bonding, and love that follows after every sumptuous meal shared.

Presenting food as a catalyst for human connection, Amanda’s personal recounts of meals and moments shared with her loved ones tracks her intimate journey through the streets of Singaporean favourites — such as chicken rice, chilli crab, satay, and bak chor mee — welcomes us to slow down and stop for a moment to digest the purpose of food and eating. These are memories worth holding on to — meals that remind us of our history and heritage, and of the moments shared.

Drool at your own risk.



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