Review: M Train

Posted on February 04 2018

“We want things we cannot have. We seek to reclaim a certain moment , sound, sensation. I want to hear my mother's voice. I want to see my children as children. Hands small, feet swift. Everything changes. Boy grown, father dead, daughter taller than me, weeping from a bad dream. Please stay forever, I say to the things I know. Don't go. Don't grow.”

Part-memoir, part-elegy to both a beloved departed and to time itself, Patti Smith beckons readers aboard
M Train — her journey of self-discovery and renewal. Written in the subsequent and empty months in the wake of her husband Fred’s death, these are memories lined with an ineffable sense of grief that seeps through the pores of even her most detailed musings — even ones that seem to evade the emptiness felt in the wake of loss.

Smith adorns her writing with cutting detail that is complimented by her own monochrome stills of places and things that within their frames guard these crucial moments of her life. Making mention of great writers, artists, and friends who have helped shape her journey,
M Train is Smith’s tribute to life’s inevitable transience and transcendence of memory and mortality.

Weaving dreams, memories, musings and moments into a tapestry that celebrates the enduring strength of the human heart —
this book lays bare a heart that remembers and navigates its way through times of loss, grief and love. Above all, the narrative lends itself in the comfort only good coffee and books can provide.


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