Review: Velouria

Posted on January 20 2018

we will wade in the shine of the ever
we will wade in the tides of the summer
every summer
my Velouria
— Pixies

Lyrical and enchanting, Velouria is a fictional montage of various moments of have- and could-have-beens. This book invites us on a journey that charts the stories of lost childhood loves, friendship, and tranquility in the chaos that is found in simple moments. Amidst the hurry of this world, Darren Shiau’s collection of flash fiction paints the wondrous beauty of a single moment that so many of us tend to forget and overlook. It is these moments that are compiled in this collection, and these moments that enrich our hearts as we experience the fullness of life, love, loss, and moving on.

In Velouria, Shiau carefully weaves threads of nostalgia and longing that binds these individual stories together, forming an intricate narrative tapestry. With brevity, Velouria whispers stories that go beyond the page — narratives personal and precious, found only in the hearts of its readers, offering its own revival of memories in every written line and a wealth of unwritten secrets in the spaces between. Moments that find our hearts dancing to the beat of nostalgia.



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