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Posted on November 23 2017

As you might know, the BooksActually team has been working hard to secure our very own shophouse. Some of you might remember the Homeless Book Project (2012) — when we appealed to the public to help continue our chapter. Books were scattered around the streets and neighbourhoods (with a help sign and tin can). 

It has been four years since that campaign, and, sadly, we're still stuck to the rental system. Can't say we hate it as we've gone on making new friends and selling books to more friendly tourists who stop by — all thanks to the hot location of Tiong Bahru where good coffee and food literally run our neighbourhood.

We've also enjoyed coffee over at Plain Vanilla Bakery, being part of Woods In The Books' annual children trail, and hosting events at Forty Hands. Thanks to our neighbours, Yong Siak Street remains home to us. 

However, our store remains cluttered — and with the ever-expanding literary scene in Singapore and as the artistic possibilities of our city continue to grow, we need a bigger space. Besides that, a permanent home also means bidding goodbye to monthly rental — allowing us to use that money to publish more books and support more literary & art campaigns. 

So, what say you? If you'd like to lend a helping hand, visit our bookstore on 24 November — when our Black Friday Sale happens storewide. To ensure that you have everything to gain, all Black Friday purchases come with a freebie. 

Note: if you're too busy to visit the bookstore, the sale extends to our web store as well! (promo code: BLACKFRIDAY)


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