What's Your Idea of Teleportation?

Posted on January 23 2018

As you might know, our pop-up at Great World City is officially open! Since the start of Read To Teleport, we've been picking the brains of artists and writers — getting them to tell us what their epic idea of teleportation would be.

Hence, it was no surprise that we invited Cherie Ko (who played at the first instalment of our pop up at last year's Singapore Writers Festival) to offer her views.

What's your idea of teleportation?
My idea of teleportation comes in the form of mind travel and dreaming. I guess you could say that I teleport every single day. I've always found my inner world more colourful than the material world, so I constantly wander to places within. I manage to achieve this through meditation or reading, while simultaneously listening to music that aids the teleportation process.

Having attended the first instalment of Read To Teleport, what's your favourite feature about the pop-up?
My favourite feature about the pop-up was really just the simple and convenient categorical display of all the local reads! It made it real easy for discovery, and I had a lot of fun from simply leafing through all the books.

Out of so many things the world has to offer, what's the most transportive element to you?
Our minds are the most transportive tool! Sometimes all you need is a fresh change in perspective to have your entire worldview shattered and reconstructed in the best way possible.

In 2018, where would you like to be transported to the most?
I would like to be transported to San Francisco in the 60's to be a part of the Beat Generation, and get onboard Ken Kesey's travelling bus of hippies! Perhaps a slightly more realistic destination would be Burning Man...

Finally, would you be able to share some tunes out of your playlist that's in line with your Read To Teleport experience?
These tracks all have a rather whimsical and psychedelic quality to them, which is a sonic representation of what BooksActually makes me feel! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Farewell To Wendo — Mock & Toof
Nana — Polo & Pan
Something For Your Mind — Superorganism
Homage — Mild High Club

Listen to the full playlist by Cherie here.



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