What's Your Idea of Teleportation?

Posted on February 06 2018

As you might know, our pop-up at Great World City is officially open! Since the start of Read To Teleport, we've been picking the brains of artists and writers — getting them to tell us what their epic idea of teleportation would be.

Hence, it was no surprise that we invited Natalie Pixiedub (who played at the first instalment of our pop up at last year's Singapore Writers Festival) to offer her views.

What's your idea of teleportation?
Going to another dimension, world, or universe! Of course being able to get home after a late night in the blink of an eye would be the ideal.

Having attended the first instalment of Read To Teleport, what's your favourite feature about the pop-up?
Having such a diverse range of people brought together by their love of words.

Out of so many things the world has to offer, what's the most transportive element to you?
Music is my favourite mode of teleportation! There's something for every mood, and it's also extremely transforming. Its history is timeless — music has been around for as long as humans have been. And as long as birds have been! With the innumerable options of exploration, possibilities are endless.

In 2018, where would you like to be transported to the most?
To a place of rest and peace in nature. It could be anywhere.

Finally, would you be able to share some tunes out of your playlist that's in line with your Read To Teleport experience?

Piazza, New York Catcher – Belle and Sebastian 
In Undertow – Alvvays
E-bow the Letter – REM (feat. Patti Smith)
Medellia of the Gray Skies – Smashing Pumpkins
Porcelain Sky Wink – ASPIDISTRAFLY

Listen to the full playlist by Pixiedub here.




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