MBTI Series: Books Recommendations for the ENFP Type

Posted on March 21 2018

Welcome to BooksActually's series of promotions, centring about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. Each week, we will upload reviews for 2 recommended reading titles targeting a specific personality type.

 This week, we will focus on the ENFP type (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeing, Perceiving). Those of the ENFP type are ambitious, independent souls who enjoy forging deep emotional connections with those around them. Often charismatic and energetic, they often end up being the ‘life of the party’. Bold and courageous thinkers, freedom is deeply important to them. 

This week's two recommended titles are both engaging, energetic works that speak to the ENFP’s imagination through their masterful storytelling modes and their use of bold and diverse images. Buy them through a discounted bundle here!


Book I: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has earned its place as a modern classic for good reason – within its twenty chapters is an ambitious, compelling myth that reflects upon the entirety of the modern American condition.

 Its central idea is not new to literature – that when people idolize certain symbols and idols, they materialize within them a power akin to that of the gods. Gaiman, a master storyteller, takes this idea and revolutionizes it through his characteristic myth-making. The result is American Gods, an ode to the power of belief, an homage to the old-world charms of life before teevee and the internet, and an interrogation of the sleek and consumerist habitat that is our world today.

Gaiman’s prose draws upon the narratives and archetypes that human have relied on for thousands of years – from the Bible’s mystical Queen of Sheba, to the opaque omniscience of Wednesday, to Anansi’s clever wit. Perhaps the fact that we can still find revelation through these rough-edged figures of ancient fiction echoes the central qualm of American Gods – the deep loss that humans face from forgetting their past.

Some quotes from the book:

“All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them.” 

“Every hour wounds. The last one kills.” 

“Even nothing cannot last forever.” 


Book II: Ministry of Moral Panic by Amanda Lee Koe

Amanda Lee Koe's Ministry of Moral Panic is a bittersweet exploration of the Singaporean identity and all our idiosyncrasies. It's heartfelt in its examination of the characters that we encounter on a daily basis in Singapore - the anthology is comprehensive and sure in it's touch on the intricacies of race, conflict, family and love. Ministry of Moral Panic is the best and worst of Singapore, packaged neatly in 202 odd pages. 

Some quotes from the book:

“The deaths—tiny ones, false ones, real ones—we undertake in the name of love are the closest that we ever come to greatness.” 

“There are things that cut through swathes of memory, there are things you take with you that are non-essential, that drag you down, but you can't offload them because there is only one way to throw them overboard and that is for you to walk the plank.” 


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