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Art & Design

  • Ben Ratliff



    No other jazz musician has proved so inspirational and so fascinating as John Coltrane. Ben Ratliff, jazz critic for the New York Times, has writte...

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    Robert Dimery

    David Bowie


    A relentless innovator, scoring chart hits while simultaneously incorporating radical and ground-breaking elements into his work. As with all great...

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  • Lunarin

    Duae CD


    Lunarin consists of an Unholy Trinity of Linda Ong, Ho Kah Wye and Loo Eng Teck. They have been playing together for more than 15 years. Initially ...

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    Tegan Quin and Sara Quin

    High School


    High School is the revelatory and unique coming-of-age story of Sara and Tegan Quin, identical twins from Calgary, Alberta, growing up in the heigh...

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  • Jean Jullien



    Join one little pigeon on her mission to spread the word of peace around the world. Set to the lyrics the iconic song Imagine, this book brings Joh...

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