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Art & Design

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    Stanley Donwood

    Bad Island


    A wild seascape, a distant island, a full moon. Gradually the island grows nearer until we land on a primeval wilderness, rich in vegetation and hu...

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  • Bradley Garrett



    Today, the bunker has become the extreme expression of our greatest fears: from pandemics to climate change and nuclear war. And once you look, it ...

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  • Jed Perl


    from $94.00

    The first biography of America's greatest twentieth-century sculptor, Alexander Calder: an authoritative and revelatory achievement, based on a wea...

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    Bruce Ingman and Ramona Reihill

    Dick Bruna


    This latest instalment in The Illustrators on Dutch artist Dick Bruna (1927-2017) takes readers behind the scenes of the creation of some of the wo...

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  • Christian Ring and Hans-Joachim Throl

    Emil Nolde


    German-Danish painter and printmaker Emil Nolde (1865-1956) was one of the first and most important representatives of expressionism, as well as an...

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    John Darlington

    Fake Heritage


    What happens when the past-or, more specifically, a piece of cultural heritage-is fabricated? From 50 replica Eiffel Towers located around the worl...

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