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Art & Design

  • Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley

    Are We Human?


    The question Are We Human? is both urgent and ancient. Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley offer a multilayered exploration of the intimate relationsh...

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    Art Marks


    Art Marks is a compendium of logos from galleries, photographers, artists, museums, educational institutions, theatres, musicians, architects and d...

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  • Angeline Teo



    Angeline Teo is a passionate photographer whose love lies in black-and-white film photography. Inspired by her father who passed on 19 years ago, s...

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    Alvin Mark Tan

    Ciao Firenze


    Florence, Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Its art, architectural heritage, culture and politics still has an influence in today’s worl...

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  • Ben Ratliff



    No other jazz musician has proved so inspirational and so fascinating as John Coltrane. Ben Ratliff, jazz critic for the New York Times, has writte...

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