Best Of


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by Haresh Sharma
published by The Necessary Stage


A young Malay-Muslim woman describes a day in her life—starting with a visit to the prison in the morning to see her cousin, and ending at the hospital to be with her mother who is undergoing chemotherapy. She shares her most immediate concerns, such as trying to settle a divorce with her husband through the Syariah laws in Singapore.

Best Of, although specific in its issuesgrappling with divorce matters in Singapore's Muslim communitybroaches more universal themes. It appeals to anyone regardless of identity markers such as race, class, gender and faith.

From the kindness of strangers to the staleness of familiarity, the protagonist reveals, through her encounters in this one day, the worst of and the best of, the people around us.

- paperback: 50 pages
- product dimensions: 130 x 211 mm
- ISBN: 9789810900144