Blank Gaze


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by José Luís Peixoto
published by Bloomsbury


In a village in the Portuguese region of Alentejo, against a background of severe rural poverty, José Luís Peixoto weaves a mesmerising tale of men and women hardened by hunger and toil, but prey to love, jealousy, violence and the overwhelming power of dynastic fate.

José, a taciturn shepherd, sees his happiness slowly crumble away as the 'devil' tells him he is being cuckolded. Old Gabriel, aged 120, offers wise counsel, while a different kind of love story develops concerning Siamese twins joined at the tips of their little fingers. Unable to live without each other, their tender communion is shattered when one of them falls in love with the local cook. And, of course, there is the Devil himself.

- paperback: 256 pages
- product dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
- ISBN: 9780747592723