Looklateral Issue #3




7 pm: The journey begins from the Cafe Einstein Unter den Linden in Berlin with Gregor Podnar
Art & the City: Stage in San Francisco in search of art that does not hide
10 am: Another extraordinary place of contemporary art super-size, Shanghai the Himalayas Center
From 12 am to 4 pm: Dusseldorf, real contemporary art German capital
Tea time: It's time of our Unusual Conversation, with the great Piero Manzoni
7 pm: Keren Cytter talks about herself and her video art
8 pm: Dinner is an opportunity to learn more about Ariel Schlesinger, art craftsman
10 pm: In the desert of Texas the CocoRosie. Folk freak scene is their kingdom //

- paperback magazine
- product dimensions: 231 x 166 mm


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