Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #4


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by Pulp Toast


Pulp Toast started when a group of writers in Singapore and Malaysia were looking for a space to write. Working out of Google Docs and on the Internet, they wrote short stories about parallel universes, urban corners, and speculative circumstances. After they wrote, they put their stories together with a few pieces of concept art, printed the books, and started selling them at indie events and bookstores.

A test of time in Esther Soh's never-ending Thursday. 
A test of humanity's worth and will by Ganesh Devaraj.
A test that is not what it may seem to Wayne Rée's grizzled gumshoe.
A test of space in Kane Wheatly-Holder's story about lost years.
A test of a mad scientist's long-suffering assistant's patience, as accounted by D. M. Jewelle. 

This is a test and there's no failure or grades —but there's always the crust on the edges of fiction. 

- paperback: 96 pages
- product dimensions: 145 x 207 mm