Tales Of A Chinese Grandmother


by Frances Carpenter
illustrated by Malthe Hasselriis
published by Tuttle Publishing


This illustrated multicultural children's book presents classic Chinese fairy tales and other folklore—providing a delightful look into a rich literary culture.

Chinese folktale tradition is as colorful and captivating as any, but the stories themselves still are not as well-known to Western readers as those from The Brothers Grimm, Mother Goose, or Hans Christian Andersen.

Tales of a Chinese Grandmother presents a collection of 30 authentic Chinese tales. These classic stories represent the best of the Chinese folklore tradition, and are told here by the beloved Lao Lao—the grandmother in the nineteenth-century Ling household. The result of a long and proud storytelling tradition, these Chinese stories are sure to delight adults as well as children of all ages.

Tales of a Chinese Grandmother includes:

  • How Pan Ku Made the World
  • The God that Lived in the Kitchen
  • The Daughter of the Dragon King
  • The Grateful Fox Fairy
  • The King of the Monkeys
  • The Wonderful Pear Tree
  • Ko-Ai's Lost Shoe
  • Heng O, the Moon Lady
  • The Old Old One's Birthday

- paperback: 304 pages
- ISBN: 

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