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    Jason Hickel

    Less Is More


    The world has finally awoken to the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse. Now we must face up to its primary cause. Capitalism dema...

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    Robert Greene



    Around the globe, people are facing the same problem - that we are born as individuals but are forced to conform to the rules of society if we want...

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    Sarah Frier

    No Filter


    In just ten years, Instagram has gone from being a simple photo app to a $100-billion company. The journey has involved ground-breaking innovations...

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  • Anastasia Nesvetailova and Ronen Palan



    Financial malpractice, we're told, is an aberration: the actions of a few bad apples deviating from the norms of a market-governed process and gami...

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    Scott Galloway

    The Four


    Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. Just about everyone thinks they know how they got there....

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