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Nature & Environment

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    Tiffany Francis-Baker

    Dark Skies


    Darkness has shaped the lives of humans for millennia, and in Dark Skies, Tiffany Francis travels around Britain and Europe to learn more about noc...

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  • Susan McHugh



    The tale--or tail?--of the canine has been fundamentally entwined with humanity since prehistory, and this ancient and fascinating story is told in...

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  • Leonora Craig Cohen

    Dog Poems


    Since prehistory, dogs have served as man's best friend, giving us loyalty, assistance and boundless inspiration. Dogs offer comfort and amusement ...

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    Lawrence Millman



    Fungipedia presents a delightful A–Z treasury of mushroom lore. With more than 180 entries—on topics as varied as Alice in Wonderland, chestnut bli...

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