The Way Of Kueh


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by Christopher Tan
published by Epigram Books


Cooking instructor and author Christopher Tan is back with the definitive book on kuehs, sharing everything you need to know about kueh culture in Singapore.

More than just a collection of recipes, The Way of Kueh delves into kueh culture with a lyrical, and at times humourous, contextually rich approach, focusing on kueh families and genres, key kueh heritage cooking techniques, and kuehs with special historical or social significance, or particularly endangered status. It includes well-researched and detailed recipes, backstories, interviews with kueh artisans, short essays on pertinent topics like the colonial ancestry of various kuehs, and helpful glossaries on key ingredients and essential kueh-making equipment.

The book is not only intended to just instruct readers on kueh-making techniques. It is also meant to preserve a tradition that’s uniquely ours, by inspiring Singaporean families to get together and make kueh.

In Christopher’s own words, he wants readers to cultivate a “yearning for romance, not one-night stands”.

- hardcover: 272 pages
- product dimensions: 250 mm x 190 mm
- ISBN: 9780141988870