Hook And Eye: The Study Companion


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by Dennis Yeo and Rachel Teo Zhen Li
published by Ethos Books


Hook and Eye: The Study Companion walks the reader through the short story anthology edited by Dr Philip Holden, Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins, a recommended O-level literature text in Secondary Schools in Singapore. The anthology is a curation of poignant and enduring stories that give insight into the lives of marginalised individuals in Singapore.

This Study Companion is meant for any reader who wants to delve into these narratives and gain a deeper understanding of the unspoken chasms within Singapore society. Besides provoking literary criticism and reader response, the Companion aims to help students gain broader perspectives and empathy for those who stand in the margins.

- paperback: 148 pages
- product dimensions: 175 x 250 mm
- ISBN: 9789811183652