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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!
#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!

Magazine For Young Girls #1


少女 (Young Girl): magazine for young girls is a style title that explores the possibilities of what a “young girl” can represent; regardless of their age/gender/race through the lens of fashion, beauty and pop culture. It features a global roster of photographers, writers and content makers outside of the fashion mainstream. These contributors span across age range and gender profiles.

Given that the world is globalising in an accelerating pace, the demand to address this clash of cultures is louder than ever. In light of current on-going global movements, our magazine feels more relevant than ever.

In the face of this, the titular “Young Girl” encapsulates a spirit of adventure, the quality of being self-possessed and the ability to dream.

This magazine hopes to galvanise women to be creative and daring with their life choices.

Issue one explores feminine archetypes in visual culture.