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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!


by WhyNot
SKU 9789810772550


WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates. This magazine invited four renowned columnists in their fields, Ace Khong, a.k.a 小邝 (design and illustrations), Teo Kok Keong a.k.a张国强 (Fiction), Liu Xiaoyi aka. 刘晓义 (Theatre) and Dr. Hee Wai Siam 许维贤博士 (Gender studies).

This volume interviewed and featured Yeng Pway Ngon (英培安), Liew Kwee Lan (艾禺) and Liang Wern Fook (梁文福), to find out the initial thoughts and driving force behind their writings in the early stage.

Other published works in this volume, includes famous Malaysian fiction writer Li Zishu’s “Dance of the Seagulls” (海鸥之舞), Teo Kok Keong’s “Disappearing Maid of 2050” (女佣不见了2050), Ang Lai Sheng’s “Fickle” (善变), Yeo Min Hui’s “Who will discover?” (有谁会发现), etc.

《WhyNot 不为什么》是一本属于新加坡的华文文学杂志,由一群来自南大中文系的毕业生创立。本刊邀请知明与文学工作者小邝(绘画)、张国强(小说)、刘晓义(剧场)与许维贤(性/别)撰写本期专栏。

本期专题访问为“青春不为什么”探讨新加坡名作家英培安、艾禺与梁文福的文学初衷。本期精彩作品包括黎紫书《海鸥之舞》、张国强《女佣不见了 2050》、汪来昇〈善变〉、明慧〈有谁会发现〉等!

Paperback: 110 Pages
Product Dimensions: 175 x 260 mm

Published by WhyNot