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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!


by WhyNot
SKU 978981099285905

WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates in 2012. For this issue, our column feature articles from Liu Xiaoyi and Ng Yi-Sheng. The former shares his unique thoughts about play reviews while the latter introduces the “kink” scene in Singapore, giving readers an insight of the practices of “kinksters” in Singapore.

Our feature article is LGBT-themed, and includes interviews with Boo Jun Feng (Movie), Cyril Wong (Poetry and Novel) and Ng How Wee (Theatre) as they share their thoughts on LGBT writings and the different spaces (Movie, poetry, novel and theatre) they operate in. Through these interviews, we hope readers can understand how different writers and spaces can be used to negotiate the “ambiguous relationship” between LGBT and country. In addition, we have also included special interviews with 5 writers who have yet to publish their personal collection as they share with us their passion for writing, life and the excitement involved while preparing their manuscript.

WhyNot Vol 5 also include works from many young writers. For poetry, we have Irene Chiong (爱妮), Dong SQUARE (冬SQUARE), Alex Chan (语凡), Yeo Min Hui (明慧), Taiwanese poets The Snow Cooker (煮雪的人), Edna Ho (贺婕) and Amang Hung (阿芒). For short stories, we have LP’s Alienated Race (异族) which is a story about the strange relationship between a kiwi fruit and a blue-collared worker. In addition, we have also included the works of Taiwanese writers Wu Yiwei (吴亿伟) and Sibylle who have displayed the boldness and experimentation of youth writings.




Magazine: 144 Pages
Product Dimensions: 175 x 260 mm
ISBN: 978981099285905

Published by WhyNot