by Jonas Ericsson
published by Math Paper Press


A daring Swedish entrepreneur makes the big leap to move halfway across the world to sunny Singapore. His mission: to realize his dream of bringing and showcasing Scandinavian design and lifestyle to Southeast Asia.

In this hectic journey, he hunts in the urban jungle for a vibrant shop space, wades through a river of obstacles and tackles head-on the personalities and quirks of the Singapore independent retail industry. Jonas Ericsson jumpstarts the venture and S T Y L E : N O R D I C was born.

CAN! is his story of daring ambitions and wild inspiration. It is an in- depth look at the theories and philosophies within today’s globalized business arena. With resolute facts and figures, he shows that ANYONE can be an entrepreneur with a good dose of optimism, creativity, determination and a strong vision.

- hardcover : 250 pages
- product dimensions: 147 x 208 mm

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