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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!
#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!

Math Paper Press

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    June Yang and Joyce Chng

    Ayam Curtain

    Original Price $21.80
    Current Price $18.00

    Kong jiao wei , Hokkien, means “speaking bird language.” It is a cock-and-bull story, a flight of fancy and, incidentally , the perfect phrase to d...

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    Ann Ang

    Bang My Car


    Uncle: we all know him. This is the man who picks his nose on the bus, who will fight for his country and fight you to do it his way. He will shout...

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    Sean Tobin and Jason Wee


    Original Price $15.00
    Current Price $11.00

    The hospital air conditioner is in need of service again. 4 bodies awaiting identification and autopsy, wake up at the morgue, in anticipation of t...

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    Cyril Wong

    Unmarked Treasure

    Original Price $16.00
    Current Price $13.00

    A ghost steps out of its body after a suicide and looks back at it in wonder. The poet wonders at his own existence and struggles between actual li...

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