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  • Shashi Jayakumar

    A History Of The People's Action Party


    We are currently accepting pre-orders for this title. Orders of this title are expected to be fulfilled by late-December 2021. Click here to find out more about when your pre-order will ship. The People's Action Party (PAP) of Singapore is among the longest-ruling democratically-elected political parties in the world, in power continuously since Singapore gained self-rule in 1959. Such longevity is the product of an institution that is itself dynamic and responsive. But remarkably, the story ...

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  • Samuel Ling Wei Chan

    Aristocracy Of Armed Talent


    When Singapore declared independence in 1965, it faced the monumental task of building a military from scratch. Aristocracy of Armed Talent tells the story of the development of the Singapore Armed Forces through a collective portrait of its leaders. This book is based on interviews with twenty-eight flag officers, offering a firsthand look at Singapore’s military from the very leaders who helped shape it. It addresses the challenges Singapore faced in building its officer corps and encouragi...

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  • Jean Debernardi

    Christian Circulations


    In postcolonial Singapore and Malaysia, Pentecostal megachurches dominate the Christian landscape, but the "big four" Protestant churches-Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Brethren-remain religions of heritage for many. Sixty Malaysian and nineteen Singaporean assemblies identify themselves as Christian Brethren, and most trace their roots to independent local churches formed in Penang and Singapore in the 1860s. After World War II, former Brethren elders founded new independent churches,...

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  • Gerard Sasges and Ng Shi Wen

    Hard At Work


    For most people in Singapore, having a job is just a fact of life. But that simple fact encompasses a wide range of experiences. Have you ever really considered what workers do on a daily basis and how they feel about their jobs? Have you ever walked past an ice cream uncle and wondered why he does that particular job and how he got it? Ever wondered what your barista is thinking of you as she takes your morning coffee order? Have you ever considered the tension that comes with being a gay vo...

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  • Steve Ferzacca

    Sonic City


    The basement of a veteran shopping mall located in the central business district of Singapore affords opportunities to a group of amateur and semi-professional musicians, of different ethnicities, ages, and generations to make a sonic way of life. Based on five years of deep participatory experience, this multi-modal (text, musical composition, social media, performance) sonic ethnography is centered around a community of noisy people who make rock music within the constraints of urban life i...

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  • Herman Ronald Hochstadt

    the lives and times of hrh


    Herman Hochstadt, or hrh as he is better known, joined the civil service in 1959, moving to the position of secretary to Lee Kuan Yew’s Prime Minister’s Office. hrh had an unusual ability to inspire those working for him, and his signature wit and charm are on display here, in the ways he weaves together stories of his career and some of the key moments of Singapore’s development. He begins with his family’s history in Singapore, including that of his grandfather, John Hochstadt, who founded...

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  • Syed Hussein Alatas

    Thomas Stamford Raffles: Schemer Or Reformer?


    More than two hundred years after Thomas Stamford Raffles established a British factory on the island of Singapore, he continues to be a towering figure in the nation. Not one but two statues of Raffles stand prominently in Singapore’s civic and heritage district, streets and squares are named after him, and important local businesses use his name. But does Raffles deserve this recognition? Should he continue to be celebrated—or like Cecil Rhodes in South Africa, must Raffles fall? This is no...

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  • Meredith L. Weiss and Faisal S. Hazis

    Towards A New Malaysia?


    Malaysia’s 2018 election (GE14) brought down a ruling party in power since independence in 1957. This book tells the full story of this historic election, combining a sharp analysis of the voting data with consideration of the key issues, campaign strategies, and mobilization efforts that played out during the election period in April and May 2018. This analysis is then used to bring fresh perspectives to bear on the core debates about Malaysian political ideas, identities and behaviours, deb...

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  • John Van Wyhe



    Wanderlust is the true story of Ida Pfeiffer (1797-1858), one of the most remarkable female travellers who ever lived - a housewife who decided to follow her dreams despite the strong disapproval of society. At a time when it was considered utterly impossible, Pfeiffer set off alone to travel the world. Along the way, she survived storms at sea, parched deserts, plague, malaria, drowning, earthquakes, robbers, murderers, head hunters and cannibals. She became the first woman to circle the glo...

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