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  • Harold Schechter and Kurt Brown

    Killer Verse


    Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem is a spine-tingling collection of terrifically creepy poems about the deadly art of murder. The villains a...

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  • Paul Muldoon



    In his eleventh full-length collection, Paul Muldoon reminds us that he is a traditional poet who is steadfastly at odds with tradition. If the poe...

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  • Christina Rossetti



    Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) was born in London of Italian parents. With her vivid imagination and innate talent for composing verse, she was an ...

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  • 郭静瑶



    我喜歡閱讀 但我沒看過這樣的文字 是指我自己的寫作方式 它有時像一首歌 或是一部短片電影 有時很真實 有時像個秘密 它精準到讓你笑出來 可能也讓你含著眼淚 本書特色 整本書的概念是湖泊 詩與詩之間透著水藍色 當你看著每首詩 覺得詩像是浮在水面上一般 封面的閃膜會映照著每位閱讀者的心 將你的心投...

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