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  • Jennifer Anne Champion



    Caterwaul is a memoir — is scrapbook — is a wall of sound. Caterwaul chronicles the dramas of a poorly poet in circumstances beyond her control. Il...

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  • Paul Quarrie



    This wide-ranging selection showcases the work of one of ancient Rome's master poets--and originator of the phrase "carpe diem"--whose influence on...

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  • Sharon Olds



    Opening with a powerful and tender ‘Ode to the Hymen’, Sharon Olds uses this age-old poetic form to address many aspects of herself, in a collectio...

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  • Cate Marvin



    The speakers of Oracle occupy the outer-borough cityscape of New York's Staten Island, where they move through worlds glittering with refuse and pe...

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  • Sold out
    Eugenia Tan



    PHEDRAby Euginia Tanpublished by Ethos Books * Phedra is a poetry collection of re-interpreted mythology – with an emphasis on female identity – w...

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  • Dante Alighieri and Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    The New Life


    The New Life is the masterpiece of Dante's youth, an account of his love for Beatrice, the girl who was to become his lifelong muse, and of her tra...

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  • Bridget Minamore



    In this debut pamphlet, acclaimed poet Bridget Minamore explores the sensibilities surrounding love, loss, and the subsequent struggles we all face...

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  • 孤星子



    Destroy All Gods 《消灭众神》是孤星子最新的诗集,精心挑选出36首令你热血沸腾,想开始质问生活的冲动。他的取材大胆,用语犀利,充满思辨精神,生猛地将生活的各横切面摆在读者眼前。孤星子拥有一把嘹亮的声音,在作品中痛斥了那些滥用语言藻饰空洞内容,胡诌吟咏却理直气壮的作品与神台上的「...

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