Chances Are


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by Michael Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan
published by Penguin


Our lives are played out in the arena of chance. However little we recognize it in our day-to-day existence, we are always riding the odds, seeking out certainty but settling--reluctantly--for likelihood, building our beliefs on the shadowy props of probability. Chances Are is the story of man's millennia-long search for the tools to manage the recurrent but unpredictable--to help us prevent, or at least mitigate, the seemingly random blows of disaster, disease, and injustice. In these pages, we meet the brilliant individuals who developed the first abstract formulations of probability, as well as the intrepid visionaries who recognized their practical applications--from gamblers to military strategists to meteorologists to medical researchers, from blackjack to our own mortality.

- paperback: 319 pages
- product dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
- ISBN: 9780143038344