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    Alvin Mark Tan

    Ciao Firenze


    Florence, Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Its art, architectural heritage, culture and politics still has an influence in today’s worl...

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  • Haresh Sharma



    Eclipse takes an intimate glimpse into the historical partition of India and Pakistan through the eyes of three generations of men, as they embark ...

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  • Donald Low and Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh

    Hard Choices


    Singapore is changing. The consensus that the PAP government has constructed and maintained over five decades is fraying. The assumptions that unde...

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  • Jason Erik Lundberg

    LONTAR #02


    This issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Inside these pages, y...

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  • Jason Erik Lundberg

    LONTAR #03


    This issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia and Taiwan. Inside these pages, you’ll find: ...

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  • Kevin Lam and Tan Xiang Yeow

    Red Pulse II


    Red Pulse II is a rich chronicle illuminating the growth of twenty-two young Singapore poets, who, as a community, write to shape and order private...

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    Bertha Henson



    Troublemaker is a collection of Bertha Henson's columns from her blog, Bertha Harian, as well as the now defunct Breakfast Network. They represent ...

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