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  • Teo Xue Shen

    18 Walls


    This action-packed thriller follows a squad of 18-year-olds who must fight an army of Savages in a war they did not choose. Ren is an elite fighter...

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  • Verena Tay

    Balik Kampung 2A

    from $19.00

    Balik Kampung 2A: People and Places presents eleven tales by authors ho have lived in the respective neighbourhoods for at least ten years. What wa...

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  • Rolinda Onates Espanola, Zakir Hossain and Joshua Ip

    Call And Response


    With every full-priced copy purchased from, BooksActually will donate $5 to HealthServe, in support of their mission to s...

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  • Ho Chee Lick and Anne Lee Tzu Pheng

    Common Life


    With crayons and stained paper, artist Ho Chee Lick wanders around neighbourhoods in Singapore observing, perceiving, looking for that “something”:...

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  • Deborah Emmanuel



    This is spoken word. This will make you feel things. This is a poet illustrating her own book. This is in alien language. This is an angry bedtime ...

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  • Jason Erik Lundberg

    LONTAR #10


    This final double-sized issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea and Viet...

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  • Troy Chin

    LOTI #1


    The world around you can appear bigger than it really is if you're seven going on eight. Or maybe, it just is! Join Shuwen and his friends as they ...

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  • Cyril Wong



    Cyril Wong's eighth collection hurls the reader into a private dream world; these dreams explore the finitude of the self, recasting the poet's pas...

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  • Crispin Rodrigues



    Pantomime is a homily for the weary social actor, seeking a place of shelter. These poems meander through the performative in society, sieving thro...

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  • Shubigi Rao

    Pulp II


    Writer and artist Shubigi Rao has been working on 'Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book', a ten-year long film, book, visual art, and exhau...

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  • Clarissa Goenawan



    Set in an imagined town outside Tokyo, Clarissa Goenawan's dark, spellbinding literary debut follows a young man's path to self-discovery in the wa...

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  • SAND Magazine

    SAND #2


    Prologue: translating frustrations, injustice & heartache into productivity. discussing how our surroundings and mood gel with the art we creat...

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  • Stephanie Chan, Rodrigo Dela Peña Jr., Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé and Ng Yi-Sheng

    SingPoWriMo 2018


    Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or as we affectionately call it, SingPoWriMo. Write one poem a day for thirty days in the cruel month of April: tha...

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