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  • Cyril Wong

    After You

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    In a lasting marriage, one could still outlive the other. A poet gazes upon his older partner, pondering the inevitable. Panic, heartache, and a su...

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  • Rolinda Onates Espanola, Zakir Hossain and Joshua Ip

    Call And Response


    With every full-priced copy purchased from, BooksActually will donate $5 to HealthServe, in support of their mission to s...

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  • Clara Chow



    On her last trip abroad before the COVID-19 pandemic, Clara Chow visited Ipoh. Over three days, she explored cave temples, bank vaults and a suppos...

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    Yeng Pway Ngon



    translated by Jeremy Tiang In the 1910s, thirteen-year-old Leong Ping Hung comes to Singapore from China to seek his fortune. Decades later, he is ...

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  • Gerard Sasges and Ng Shi Wen

    Hard At Work


    For most people in Singapore, having a job is just a fact of life. But that simple fact encompasses a wide range of experiences. Have you ever real...

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  • Alvin Mark Tan

    La Kopi


    Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Singapore. But how many of us know what it takes to brew a cuppa? Full-time artist Alvin Mark Tan re...

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  • Hee Wai Siam and Quah Sy Ren



    translated by Tan Dan Feng Featuring new translations of previously untranslated Chinese short stories, Memorandum maps out seven decades of Sinoph...

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    Rolinda Onates Espanola

    No Cinderella?


    No Cinderella? is the first volume of published poetry composed by a female domestic worker working in Singapore. Rolinda Espanola, in this unprece...

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  • Cherian George and Donald Low

    PAP v. PAP


    The 2020 General Election results have raised expectations that Singapore will transition to a more competitive democracy. But this is far from pre...

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