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Hungry In Tokyo

SKU 9789811414305

"This is a travel guide book that marries my loves - my love for Japanese cuisine, my love for photography, my love for maps and my love for poetry. I wrote this travel guide when I took a year off being a doctor to study Japanese in Tokyo. In between attending Japanese classes and completing my homework, I visited each of the 59 restaurants and 37 cafes to sample their cuisine, photograph their creations and verify the maps. I've also written poems about each of the 8 different districts covered, which to summarises my take on the vibe of each area. This guide is not a collection of the finest restaurants in Tokyo. Instead, I wanted to write about restaurants where the locals eat at, restaurants which takes one along the off-beaten track, and, most importantly, restaurants which are reasonably priced. At the back of the book, I have included a chapter on phrases that one can use in restaurants to aid them in manoeuvring through just about any scenario that may occur in a restaurant, and an extensive vocabulary list to help one decipher menus." 

Paperback: 192 Pages 
Product Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811414305

Published by Eka Wong