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Anywhere But Queer

Call For Submissions*

Anywhere But Queer is an anthology of Creative Nonfiction commissioned by Math Paper Press and edited by Tania De Rozario. We are seeking writing by LGBTQIA women. Writers should be Singaporean or living in Singapore.


Theme: Place

Place can be as personal and intimate as a bed shared by lovers, or as large and political as a public street pulsing with protestors. It could be communal, like the fish soup stall you frequent with your chosen family, or solitary, like your favourite corner of your neighbourhood library. The euphoric joy of a darkened club where you danced till 4am. The table at which your relatives ask, yet again, after your love-life. Where you were standing when your mom asked why you always cut your hair so short. The country you flew to in search of a better life, or, the country you refused to leave because you wanted to make it better. The boxes every form that you fill tries to put you into. It can be a place of solace, resistance, pleasure, confrontation, belonging, loneliness, rage or joy. It can be a place you want to challenge, embrace, mourn, forsake, expand. The page. The stage. The margins. The sidelines. The chatroom where you first came out. Your childhood hiding place. Your best friend’s arms. A place you fit in, stand out, wish you were invisible. Take the theme and run with it – push its limits, make meaning. Place does not have to be at the very centre of your story, but it should ground your story strongly – wherever you are, we want to be there with you.



For this anthology we are seeking Creative Nonfiction. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, Creative Nonfiction is a genre of writing that approaches factual material using literary techniques. Unlike other types of nonfiction (e.g. newspaper reportage, academic essays, etc.) in which “neutrality”/ “objectivity” are prized, good Creative Nonfiction often possesses a strong, individual voice. In addition, Creative Nonfiction can come in a number of forms. For example: lyrics essays, prose poems, braided essays, hermit crab essays which use existing forms (such as grocery lists, rejection letters, contracts, etc.) as a container for content. This site ( provides some great tips. And here ( is another source that explains some forms of Creative Nonfiction by ... writing explanations using those forms. Whatever form your submission takes, we are looking for stories that draw us in, language that sparkles, and a voice that is uniquely your own. I’ve listed some examples of Creative Nonfiction after the submission guidelines for anyone who might like some inspiration.


Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Writers should be Singaporean or living in Singapore.
  • There is no submission fee.
  • Submissions should be between 1,500 – 2,000 words long. (Note: This guide is based on our imagined length and pace of the anthology. We will read all entries regardless of length. If your piece is spectacular, but falls slightly above or below the bracket, we will still publish it.)
  • Submissions can be previously published or unpublished. If the piece has been published, please note that at the end of your submission, and mention where the piece has been published.
  • If you are submitting a previously published work, your submission is considered confirmation that you have the legal right to republish the work.
  • Simultaneous submissions allowed, so long as potential publication elsewhere does not legally prevent you from also being published with us. If your piece is accepted elsewhere before you hear from us, please be sure to drop us a mail to let us know, so that we can include details of where it was first published, should we accept your piece.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed but please make sure each submission is submitted separately.
  • Please follow all the formatting guidelines listed below before submitting your piece.
  • The deadline for submission is 1 July 2021.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will receive notification by 30 July 2021.

Formatting Guidelines (Your Piece)

  • Submissions should be sent as Word documents, and typed in single-spaced, 12-point, Time News Roman font. (Unless your work takes a form that requires alternative formatting).
  • If your work is formatted in a unique way that you fear might get messed up in transmission, please also include a PDF-ed version of the piece so that we can cross- check the formatting.
  • Please include a wordcount at the end of your submission.
  • Please include page numbers in your submission.
  • When titling your document, please name it “YourTitle_YourName.doc”. For example, “AngryEssay_TaniaDeRozario.doc”.

Formatting Guidelines (Your Email)

  • Please include a 40-50 word bio in the body of your email.
  • Please include your name and preferred mode of contact in the body of your email.
  • When sending over your piece, please title your email “Submission: Title by Name”. For example, “Submission: Angry Essay by Tania De Rozario”.
  • Please submit your piece to



Authors of accepted submissions will receive an honorarium of $100 and two complimentary copies of the anthology. Payment is upon publication.


If you have questions, please send them to if they aren’t already answered by the submission guidelines.



Here are some examples of Creative Nonfiction:


* This call is inclusive of any queer/trans/nonbinary individuals who also self-identify as AFAB. We want to acknowledge that experiences of trans and nonbinary individuals are diverse. While there are many individuals who do not identify as AFAB/AMAB since these labels reinforce categorisation based on assignment and do not necessarily reflect an individual’s actual gender, we also want to acknowledge that there are trans and nonbinary individuals for whom being AFAB is an important part of their identity which has provided them with deep insight into women’s experiences that they may want to share.