Math Paper Press Submissions

We are currently closed for submissions. We will only start considering submitted manuscripts from early-2021 onwards. 


Math Paper Press has drawn up the following guidelines to facilitate the submission and review of manuscripts. For proper assessment of the manuscript, applicants are advised to submit complete applications to .

Incomplete submissions and manuscripts that do not conform to these guidelines may not be reviewed. Please do not send hard copy manuscripts.

As we receive many manuscripts, we may take some time to respond to submissions. Do give our editorial team at least two months to get back to you.

Prose Submissions

  • Manuscripts should be complete and book-length. There is no minimum-page requirement; however, manuscripts that are incomplete or of insufficient length may not be reviewed.
  • Manuscripts should be typeset in a commonly available 12-point sans serif font (such as Arial or Calibri). Pages should be numbered, and text double-spaced.
  • Manuscripts should be in PDF format.

Poetry Submissions

  • Manuscripts should be at least 45 pages long.
  • Please include in the manuscript a list of poems that have been previously published elsewhere (e.g. journals, magazines, chapbooks, or anthologies).
  • Manuscripts should be in PDF format.

Other – Art and Illustration, Play, Photography, Cross-Genre Submissions

  • Manuscripts should be complete and book-length.
  • Manuscripts should be in PDF format.  

Required Materials

  • A one-page cover letter containing a 100-word biographical statement and a 150-word synopsis of the manuscript.
  • A 250-word overview of the project summarising your manuscript’s vision. What is the objective of your manuscript? What issues, techniques, and ideas have you explored? Who is your target audience?
  • Your complete manuscript.