Apple & Knife


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by Intan Paramaditha
translated by Stephen J. Epstein
published by Vintage


A dazzling and provocative debut story collection from celebrated Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha, putting fierce and fabulous female characters centre stage in brilliantly funny and sharp twists on fairy tale.

Inspired by horror fiction, myths and fairy tales, Apple & Knife is an unsettling ride that swerves into the supernatural to explore the dangers and power of occupying a female body in today’s world.

These stories set in the Indonesian everyday--in corporate boardrooms, shanty towns, on dangdut stages--reveal a soupy otherworld stewing just beneath the surface. This is subversive feminist horror at its best, where men and women alike are arbiters of fear, and where revenge is sometimes sweetest when delivered from the grave.

Dark, humorous, and vividly realised, Apple & Knife brings together taboos, inversions, sex and death in a heady, intoxicating mix.

- hardcover: 192 pages
- product dimensions: 138 x 204 mm
- ISBN: 9781787301160