Artists' Recipes


by Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger
published by Jo Baer and Bolo Publishing

The artist duo Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger care a great deal about food. The ritual of the preparation, the heated debate about recipes, the rich stupor after a dinner with friends. It was their love and passion for cooking, for art and other artists which inspired them to release Artists' Recipes during Art Basel 46 in 2015. The premise was simple: they invited other artists to share their favourite recipes by sending them a template with the basic information - name of meal, duration, ingredients, preparation - along with a picture of the meal. Other than that, the artists had carte blanche. The only thing to do was wait. Who would answer? What would they do? Would we be able to eat it?

Time passed. Recipes turned up in the mail box. Dozens of them. Some artists had used the opportunity to contribute delicious dishes, some had opted for less traditional cuisine. One artist, it turns out, would have liked to participate, but has no interest in food whatsoever. You never know what to expect.

The artists' originals were sold at charity auction November 2015. And to come full circle, all proceeds from the auction will benefit the charitable foundation "Viva con Agua" which will realize a project in Nepal in the field of water and food.

- hardback: 354 pages
- product dimensions: 183 x 34 x 270 mm

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