Count Belisarius


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by Robert Graves
published by Penguin


The Sixth Century was not a peaceful one for the Roman Empire. Invaders threatened on all frontiers; Huns, Vandals, Goths, Saracens, Moors, Persians. But they grew to fear and respect the name of Belisarius, horseman, archer, swordsman and military commander of incredible skill and daring. Belisarius led the Imperial armies wherever the Emperor Justinian sent him; to the Eastern Frontier on the Euphrates, across the Mediterranean to Carthage, and to Rome.

In his palace at Constantinople, Justinian plotted and intrigued, dominated by his wife Theodora whose spies were everywhere. Justinian hated Belisarius for his success, his nobility and his universal popularity. But Belisarius was the one man who could save the Empire...

- paperback: 448 pages
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- ISBN: 9780141188133